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NBOA Soiree 8-2-2018Glenwood Arts Fest-Blues Alley 8-17-2018MHEDA 7-12-2018Urban Prep Commencement...High RES ... 6-16-2018SGI Inn 22-Apr-18Winnetka Youth Organization Benefit 4-14-2018Rogers Park.com  3-31-2018Petko-Kirsten 2018Barb Westfield -7-2018KristenNBOA Soiree Low Res Jpegs  8-2-2018Urban Prep Groupshots 5-9-2018Ernst & Young 3-22-2018Isabelle 2-2018Tom S. 3-1-2018Improv Talk  7-12-2018Urban Prep Commencement  6-16-2018Irish American Partnership  3-16-2018Irish Fellowship  3-16-2018St Patricks Day & O'Briens River Walk  3-17-2018Kennedy Forum group photo etc  2-2-2018Spice House 25yrs Xmas party  12-17-2017Irish Fellowship Christmas Luncheon 12-1-2017Marsh Clearsight  12-18-2017RBBG low res 2018Urban Prep Signing Day-low RES--  5-15-2018Urban Prep Signing Day  HIGH RES   5-15-2018Nationwide Christmas with Santa 12-2-2017Yamazen HR @ MSI  10-5-2017Sara Feigenholtz  10-27-2017RPBG 2018Chicago Marathon 10-08-2017MHEDA @ the Wix 11-2-2017MSI Columbian Ball xtra 10-7-2017Irish Fellowship-St Ignatius 10-23-2017Irish Fellowship, Prime Minister Enda Kenny 6-5-17Wells St Art Fair 2017Urban Prep Commencement  June 6, 2017Colombian Ball @ MSI 10-7-2017UP Aces UP Low Res 11-30-2017MHEDA 7-13-2017Peggy & Steve 7-28-2017Ambur & Matt's Wedding Day  6-24-2017The Kennedy Forum  4-18-2017Urban Prep 2nd Annual Golf Outing 6-26-2017Irish Fellowship 2017Urban Prep headshots- 10-30-2017OTMRA awards/dinner 4-6-2017Kennedy Forum Breakfast 4-18-17Revision Optics @ MSI  )ct. 16, 2016Urban Prep Signing Day 4-27-2017Yamazen @ MSI 10-5-2017Irish American Partnership @ Union League Club  3-10-17NorthShore Skokie  2018NorthShore Mavis Staples  7-27-2018NorthShore Evanston, square, outdoor concerts  2018Evanston Misc  2018NorthShore Evanston 2018NorthShore Tourism Annual Luncheon 5-3-2018Evanston Octoberfest 10-15-2017NorthShore-DoubleTree 12-13-2017NorthShore, paddleboards, writers theater, misc 9-3-2017NorthShore Dawes House Tour and.... 8-19-2017NorthShore Glencoe  2016Northshore 16NorthShore edited 2015ANorthbrook Shopping Shootnorthshore, evanston8-3-2014northshore, the glenNorthshore: Evanston Beaches, 8-06-2014NorthShore Glenview 12-Jul-16NorthShore, Evanston, NWestern Campus 7-12-2016North Shore sand castle, etc 19-Jul-16northshore, ethnic fair evanston 17-Jul-16North Shore Terra & Vine  1-24-2017NorthShore  Tuscany garden 8-28-2016northshore misc and custer st, main st, evanston 6-2&18-2017North Shore, five and dime 6-17Northshore Skokie lagoons, kayaking 6-9-2017Northshore trattoria doc,.... 6-17NorthShore Winnetka Music Fest and Peckish Pig 6-22-2917North Shore Taste of Evanston 7-9-2017Northshore, Skokie Backlot bash August 25, 2017NorthShore Center 10-18-17All things MayfieldOBriens the Clock is Tickin' 18-Aug-16Urban Prep Commencement-1  June 4, 2016Brian & James Wedding Day, May 21, 2016AAPD  San Antonio 2016Ernst & Young Holiday Party 2016FreemanChi-Town Rising 2015Urban Prep, Tee it UP  6-30-2016aapd SA 2016Giant Awards 2015AAPD Seattle 2015IRA Annual MeetingCaring Communities  2015O'Briens 5-23-2016Freeman 2Aerus @ MSI Chicago, 8-14-2014Kennedy Forum Illinois, 11-13-2014Dan and Mary  9-29-2015Urban Prep Signing Day 26-Apr-16Urban Prep Convocation, 8-27-2015Urban Prep 15-Mar-16Cawood Family Portraits  11-5-2017Chicago Marathon 2014AAPD Boston 2014Urban Prep, Aces Up 2014Nationwide 12-13-14Pat Thompson 12-11-2014Allegretti familyJeff and Kate  9-27-2015Urban Prep, CommencementO'Briens; Elis Cheescake Contest, 3-1-201573  E. LakeAAPD ribbon cutting, party  Sept 19, 2014Megan and Andrew's Wedding Day!Britni & Ozy's Wedding Day, June 7, 2014Jeff and Kate May 17-2014Elaine & Steve's Big Day, July 5, 2014Andy and MeganUnity Marriage Equality; Married in Unity June 1, 2014Urban Prep Convocation, 8-29-2014NationwideO'Briens Clock is tickin  2-Aug-16MSI events 6-Aug-16Urban Prep Convocation  9-1-2016Munich American 9-13-2016Chicago Marathon 2016Urban Prep, Aces UP 10  12-1-2016Nationwide Holiday Party 2016Underwood Events, Navy Pier 5-2-2017Underwood Events Navy Pier Low Res 5-2-17HomeWare Landscaping  9-30-2016Ware Landscaping 7-2-2017Urban Prep Convocation 9-15-2017Ernst & Young Group Shot 9-26-2017Randy condoWare Landscaping 12-16-2017625 Garrett low res  6-6-2018625 Garrett High res 6-6-2018TroyTroy low res